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an ingenious and original adventure story for children
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"An adventure fantasy. Prepare for
a roller coaster read.
It kept me clasped for hours." (sic)

Inayat, aged 12, London
Marvel at the sights as you fly with Pretty Flower and White Tiger
Over rice fields, rivers and mountains of Ancient China…to land
Outside the Blue Dragon’s flooded cave.
Never fear the ghostly Gui or mythical Qilin!

Reach for the peach and net the Monkey King to stop him from
Achieving immortality!
Bring the magic staff and red pearl
Back to the Blue Dragon….and…
If you meet the Black Tortoise, ‘knock him back to Dongbei in the north.
Trust Moon Rabbit… and run… into the black hole of a crater?

If you dare ...     
Meg Lorrimer, educationalist

A thrilling read ...
                         real page turner.’

Jenni,12, and Ellen, 11, Edinburgh

”Magical” is the word for Moon Rabbit because it entrances and enchants both in words and because of its beautiful illustrations. ‘

Elisabeth McNeill, writer

"An ingenious and original adventure story for children which also offers them an intriguing introduction to a culture that will loom ever larger in their future lives."

Roger Silverman, teacher and journalist.

’It is a fantastic introduction of Chinese culture and Chinese legends to young readers. I thoroughly enjoy reading the book and I highly recommend it to readers of all ages.’

Edinburgh Chinese School

Beautifully-illustrated, this novel introduces young readers to Chinese language, culture and mythology, about which the author is very knowledgeable."

Gill Swales, Children’s Library Service,

Scottish Borders

A magical, many-layered and thought-provoking tale, told with quirky humour and gentle humanity, that will delight children and adults alike..

Barbara Mellor, writer

Comments, News and Events for Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit is a fun read … but also has an educational

 aspect not always found in children’s literature -

'great book to read in the school holidays or in the classroom'.

Alexander Burnfield FRCPsych, Writer and children’s psychiatrist

‘Moon Rabbit will lead children’s imaginations to fantastical realms.
A magical mix enhanced by gentle and ethereal illustrations.’

Mairi Hedderwick, author of the Katie Morag books


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Peoples Book Prize Winner
November 2009

Thank you to all those who placed a vote
giving Moon Rabbit this commendation!

The People's Book Prize is a national competition aimed at discovering talented authors showcased exclusively in your local library and on the peoples book prize website,

– with no panel of judges except YOU, the public! Vote now for 2010 - see next notice..

Moon Rabbit assists Edinburgh Charity

We have recently been supporting the Sick Kids Friends Foundation in
Edinburgh, a worthy cause
and a chance to improve the lives of children
visit the website

Oliver’s New Book!

Oliver has been busy with the success of Moon Rabbit but has still found time to write another great book.

Northwards is a dark
fantasy set in North America and is to be published by Austin & Macauley on October 18th 2010.  

This is what Louis MacAllister, aged 9yrs, said about the new book....

"Jenny Macnarma is an ordinary girl in the USA who is chosen to go on a mission to save the earth.
If it went wrong it could end catastrophically.   On her way she meets a lot of unusual and evil life forms and has a series of amazing adventures.

I think that Northwards is a punchy, exciting book, full of feeling.  It's got lots of fantastic characters, from mystical and kind ones to powerful and evil ones.
It is a mix of reality and make-believe which is hard to do, but Oliver has pulled it off.   Overall it is an absolutely EPIC book!!!!"

A must for your collection!

Moon Rabbit is a finalist for
The Peoples' Book Prize of 2010!

Yes, it’s true, your favourite book is a contender for this very special honour!

Please vote for Moon Rabbit to win the Children's Section before the closing date on 20th July 2010!

Visit the Peoples Book Prize Website and register your vote for Moon Rabbit